Focal Point

Sponsored by NBCUniversal, the focal point module seems to have been inspired by the image field focus module

Region View Modes

"A surprisingly simple, flexible layout solution made possible by placing fields in regions. Region View Modes is just a bit of glue to join Drupal's theme regions and View Modes."


Fences is a great module to clean up your markup. A must know module! As the project page says, "Compare Drupal 7’s default markup for a field:"


CKEditor is new favorite rich text editor however I prefer to use the WYSIWYG module because it seems to have better media module support. This module, however, is needed if you plan to use the Scald module. If unsure, then I suggest using the WYSIWYG module instead.


"The proposed HTML "picture" element (see, but has not been accepted for HTML 5) is implemented as a display formatter for image fields. This module is a backport of Drupal 8 picture module. This module will deliver alternate image sources based on device capabilities to prevent wasted bandwidth and optimize display for both screen and print. "