Drupal 6 poll theming

Theming polls is not that hard when you know what to do:

First, you can use templates to theme everything except the radios:

  • poll-vote.tpl.php
  • poll-vote-block.tpl.php (must also copy over poll-vote.tpl.php)
  • poll-results.tpl.php


"The workflow module allows the creation and assignment of arbitrary workflows to Drupal node types. Workflows are made up of workflow states. For example, a workflow with the states Draft, Review, and Published could be assigned to the Story node type."


"The Webform2PDF Drupal module is an extension of the Webform module. It can be used to generate PDF document from the results of a form. The generated PDF document can be attached to the form summary e-mail sent by Webform module, or it can be downloaded from the /Results/ page. Different PDF templates can be set for each form. The templates can be formatted with HTML tags, and they can be edited with WYSIWYG Drupal module, making the template

Webform Rules

"Did you ever want to react on webform submission using rules but couldn't find the proper event? Webform Rules makes it possible to catch webform submissions by rules and do whatever you'd like to do with it (meaning: do whatever rules let you do with it)."