Submenu Tree

A little hard to explain this one. Check out this excerpt from the project page:

"Consider using Submenu Tree if you are trying to accomplish any of the following:

  • You want to display all of the first level menu items in one location (such as in a navigation bar across the top of the site) and all of the second level menu items or lower to be displayed in another area (such as in a block on the site's sidebar).
  • You


Alternative to Blocks, gives an inline editing interface too.


Alternate to blocks. These can be exported with Features.


Also see Revisioning module. "This module allows nodes to be published and unpublished on specified dates."


Most notable feature is being able to login with your email address.

"The LoginToboggan module offers several modifications of the Drupal login system in an external module by offering the following features and usability improvements:

  1. Allow users to login using either their username OR their e-mail address.
  2. Allow users to login immediately.
  3. Provide a login form on Access Denied pages for non-logged-in