Understanding Panels styles

It's hard to find really good documentation on creating custom ctools style plugins, like the stylizer that comes bundled with panels. For example, if you search the web, you'll come up finding a link to http://dustinbons.com/panels-styles-plugin-drupal-7 which is not really a very good tutorial. If you view the advanced help module page on this, it comes up blank.

Drupal set module weight

In Drupal, each module has something called weight. The weight, which is stored as an integer, determines when the module's code gets run. Sometimes, you want to alter something that another module does. In order to override another module, your module has to have a higher weight. There is nothing in the UI that lets you change a module's weight. You can set the weight by changing the value in the 'system' database column. To automate this,

Git who changed a line

How to find out when a certain phrase was added to a file in GIT

# this will show what commit it was added, who added it, when it was added, and print out a diff:
git log -S"important phrase" -p -- <file>