The Jammer module hides particular elements from edit forms, similar to the Simplify module. This module is mentioned on the revisioning module/s project page on Drupal.org.


From the project page: "Simplify allows particular fields to be hidden from the user interface. This helps to de-clutter forms and present a more user-friendly experience to content editors..."

Drupal code a block with an edit form

Sometimes you need to code a block with an edit form. You could just create a block with the UI but that's not going to be exportable with Features and ctools / page manager. This method uses variable_get and variable_set. You may want to create a custom db table to store the data in if you don't want the variables to be loaded into memory on every page load...

Common HTMLawed settings

Here are some common settings for HTMLawed that can be used as a more lenient 'filtered html' format for trusted editors that need a simple WYSIWYG. This configuration allows images, which can be a security risk. If you don't understand the risk, then leave Drupal's defaults the way they are and perhaps try to work with the Full HTML format or use CSS classes and stylesheets.