Coding for Email

Making email templates can be a real pain in the keister! When possible, use something like Mailchimp's responsive email builder instead of trying to exactly replicate a design from Photoshop; avoid having to read this article at all if you can! If you really must create an email based on a .psd or just an image and if a strict design is needed, read on.

Javascript cookies

I use to use custom code for setting and getting cookies. Now I just use jquery.cookie, which can be found here: I've included my old cookie code below, just for historical reference :)

BFG Repo-Cleaner

If you have commits in your git repo that you want removed, you can use git-filter-branch, but that can be pretty slow. Perhaps you accidentally committed and pushed a password, a db dump, email addresses, etc. BFG makes it easy to clean out those files and does it ~ 10-100x faster that git-filter-branch.