Owl Carousel

Uses views to create slides. Is touch sensitive and responsive. Looks very nice but I haven't used it. Marking it as a common module because I have a feeling that is what it will become to me. Uses the Owl Carousel jquery plugin.

Block Reference

"Defines a field type Block reference which allows the block to be displayed as the content of the field." Alternately, if the bean module is enabled, blocks can be referenced using the entity reference module instead.


This module, in a basic sense, allows the title to be an actual Drupal field. This comes in especially handy when doing translations, as titles are not translatable in core.

Drupal Rules and View Bulk Operations

Edit 20140319: There is a great screencast from DrupalCon London about Entity Construction Kit... in that presentation, from about minute 27 to minute 30, the presenter, Jeni Tehan, demonstrates how to create a rule that shows up in the VBO list ( http://youtu.be/hhUuv1cEgVY?t=26m59s ). It is a little more straightforward than the process I outline below. Instead of creating a rule