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Also see Owl Carousel.

Here is a link to a great tutorial. If you already know Drupal pretty well, this tutorial should take you around 5-10 minutes to completely get how to use this module.

From the module page: "Views Slideshow can be used to create a slideshow of any content (not just images) that can appear in a View. Powered by jQuery, it is heavily customizable: you may choose slideshow settings for each View you create."

Mediacurrent quote, "I use this module on almost every project I work on now because it’s very common for sites to have something rotating somewhere (including the homepage). A problem with this module and some companion modules (like FlexSlider) is that they do tend to be a bit buggy. I have spent a lot of time trying to get the right combination of module release + js library to get these modules to work. Views Slideshow is not responsive by default, so I also typically add some javascript to make it responsive (as opposed to using FlexSlider which is responsive if you can get it to work)."


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